Most of the magazines with target audiences of young women are creating unrealistic expectations among them in terms of beauty, body proportions by using technological tricks. I think we all understand that many young women are subconsciously affected by the virtually flawless posters and pictures of models with unattainable bodies created by Photoshop. Unrealistic images of women in advertising often get blamed for an increase in eating disorders and body image problems among young girls exposed to this type of media.

Why it’s necessary the Photoshop when the models are beautiful enough, when use professional lighting and a team of stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists?

Why it’s necessary we have bigger eyes, bigger lips, flawless skin?

The truth is these models don’t look like this. THEY LOOK LIKE EVERYONE, LIKE US, they all have wrinkles, sun spots, acne…
I simply want to love ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic images online.

This is the reason I choose to don’t use Photoshop pictures on my web site!

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